Listening and Healing

When the Link café first opened it was felt that there should always be someone available to provide a listening ear without trying to advise.  Tony Horne and Liz Aldersley ran some Christian Listening Courses which gave staff the confidence to give more time and encouragement to customers as well as a friendly approach, and we try to have enough staff on duty to be there when needed.

Pam Toon a licensed lay minister at St. Catherine’s became convinced that people need to know  that God loves them, that ‘Prayer Makes a Difference’ and the way forward  should be a gentle approach on the street. An ecumenical group was formed and after much prayer and training a regular time and space was found at the café between 2.30pm and 4pm one Saturday each month.

Sadly this group is no longer able to offer its monthly ‘approach on the street’ but The Link Café still provides a place where informal chat with staff and other customers is possible during its opening hours – Monday to Friday.